Exotac NanoSpark Flint Kit

Code: 602573145043

Exotac NanoSpark Flint Kit for the Exotac NanoSpark Firelighter.

The Exotac NanoSpark Flint Kit provides replacement flints and o-rings for the NanoSpark firestarter. The o-rings prevent moisture getting into the tinder storage and ensure the NanoSpark does not unscrew, even under heavy vibration. The flint can be replaced by accessing the tinder storage compartment to reveal a brass thumbscrew that retains the flint and spring.

The kit contains 5 replacement flints (please note, our stock is black flint, not gold as pictured) and 2 replacement o-rings.

  • Flint (5 pieces)
  • O-rings (2 pieces)
  • Made in the USA
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