Exotac FireRod Ferrocerium Rod Refill Kit

Code: 013964683752

Exotac FireRod Ferrocerium Rod Refill Kit - available in 2.4" or 3".

The Exotac FireRod Refill Kit offers a replacement rod for the FireRod Fire Starter, once the original has worn out. Made from ferrocerium, the rod is extremely effective at catching material alight.

To replace the old rod, simply unscrew it from the FireRod handle and screw the new rod in. Ensure it is a snug fit into the rod holder.

The FireRod Refill is available in the standard length of 2.4" or the longer version at 3.1". Both versions come with a replacement o-ring.

  • Up to 10,000 fire starting strikes
  • Made in the USA
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