Exotac PolyStriker XL

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Exotac PolyStriker XL Fire Starter with Ferrocerium Road. Available in a range of colours.

The Exotac Polystriker XL fire starter is an excellent addition to your outdoor gear. Ultralight, waterproof and long lasting, the XL version of the Polystriker can be used to light a stove, wood shavings, dry grasses and other flammable materials.

The PolyStriker XL uses a combination of a ferrocerium rod and an ultra sharp tungsten carbide striker. When not in use, the striking tool securely fits into the handle, ensuring all parts all together and easy to access.

The fire starter is available in Black, Grey and Orange.

  • Burns at 5500°F / 3000°C
  • 5/16" Ferrocerium rod
  • Durable, lightweight polymer design
  • Ultra sharp tungsten carbide striking tool
  • Snap-in striking tool
  • Weighs 1.4 oz. / 40 g
  • Made in the USA
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