UST BlastMatch Fire Starter

Code: 811747022619

UST BlastMatch Fire Starter with High Performance, One-Handed Sparker.

The UST BlastMatch is a high performance, flint based fire starter that can be easily operated with one hand. It generates three times the heat of standard matches and will ignite a wide range of tinders.

The flint bar of the BlastMatch rotates 360º for an even wear and has a protective cover which locks in place to pecent accidental sparks. The fire starter works in the rain and adverse weather conditions, providing reliability when you need it most.

Available in orange or black.


  1. Place tinder in prepared fire building area.
  2. Place thumb on BlastMatch cap next to striker tab, against the lip of the cap. Press in and up to release the cap, exposing the spring-loaded flint bar.
  3. Push end cap over flint bar and slide to rear of BlastMatch body. Fit cap on the rear.
  4. While maintaining pressure with your thumb on the striker tab, plunge the body of the BlastMatch down the striker bar. Initiate a few strikes to remove black oxide coating and expose bare flint.
  • Weight: 83 g
  • Length: 130 cm
  • Use only as directed
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not intended for use indoors or in an enclosed space
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