TEC Accessories Chain Reaction Isotope Fob


TEC Accessories SCR-EG Chain Reaction Fob - Green.

The TEC Accessories Chain Reaction Isotope Fob has been created to give you more glow! The Chain Reaction fob consists of a custom manufacturer glow pellet inserted into an outer metal housing for protection and durability, that will also accommodate a 3mm x 11mm glass tritium vial (not included)

The Chain Reaction fob is designed around two light sources; the Embrite glow pellet (included) and a tritium vial (not included). The Embrite pellet works by taking its 'charge' from sun or UV light, providing a bright glow once darkness comes. However, as the pellet requires a light source to recharge, this is where the tritium vial comes in as it can glow for years without needing to be recharged. 

The included green Embrite pellet can be complimented with your choice of tritium vial (available separately). 

Ideal for illuminating your keyring, gear or zips!

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Bead blasted
  • Outside Diameter: 9 mm / 0.354"
  • Overall Length: 42.2 mm / 1.66"
  • Split Ring Hole Size: 3 mm / 0.118"
  • Weight: 4.8 g / 0.169 oz (excluding tritium vial)
  • Embrite Glow Pellet Colour: Green
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