TEC Accessories RETREEV

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The RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool is the TEC Accessories version of the conventional grappling hook. The TEC version is convenient to carry due to its compact size and light weight.

  • Trees: Retrieve an item by hooking a branch and shaking
  • Rooftops: Pull off those kid’s toys, fallen branches, etc.
  • Items fallen over a cliff or ledge: Don’t risk your safety, pull them back up!
  • Disasters: Use it to pull up or lower gear and supplies from higher elevations
  • Camping: Throw it over a branch, hook a flashlight to it, and you have a nice area flood light or night light
  • General: Lose an item over a fence? Don’t climb the fence, RETREEV it!

The TEC Accessories Retreev is available with a silver anodise or red and black anodise finish.

  • The “spikes” are conveniently stored inside the body until you’re ready to use it
  • Comes with both aluminum and stainless steel spikes
  • Stainless steel spikes will not bend or deform under normal use
  • Aluminum spikes will allow the product to be retrieved by purposely bending the spikes under load. For example, when pulling it out of a tree branch
  • Replacement spikes are available for a nominal cost, extending the life of the product
  • A rare-earth magnet is mounted in the head, and can be used to retrieve metallic objects
  • The unit is weighted towards the head, tipping the tail up when stationary. This allows you to drag the unit across a surface and snag the desired object easier
  • A special "soft-mount" design has been incorporated to hold the spikes in place. This allows for a slight amount of spike movement to reduce the risk of getting the unit wedged in a tree branch for example
  • This is truly a pocket sized device, slip it in your gear bag and you’ll never know it’s there until you need it
  • No cable is supplied with this product

CAUTION: This product will not support your body weight and should not be used for climbing or load bearing activities. In addition, great care should be observed when pulling on the unit when aluminum spikes are installed. The unit could suddenly dislodge from its position and cause severe bodily injury.

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