Solarforce PTS-4 Remote Pressure Switch


Solarforce PTS-4 Pressure Tape Switch. Compatible with various L2 flashlight hosts.

The Solarforce PTS-4 Pressure Switch is compatible with a range of Solarforce L2 flashlight hosts. The switch works by replacing the tail cap on your torch to act as a remote, pressure pad switch to use the torch from afar, for example to mount and use on a rifle.

The switch has been improved over the first generation, being more durable and providing improved resistance to water.

The PTS-4 is compatible with the following Solarforce flashlight hosts: L2, L2m, L2T, L2P, L2T (Special Edition), L2C, L2D, M6, M7, M9

  • Cord Length: 25 cm
  • Weight: 34g
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