Solarforce L2C Flashlight Host

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For use with Solarforce LED Drop-in modules.

The Solarforce L2C flashlight host consists of a head assembly, battery tube & tail cap - LED modules & batteries are not included.

The L2C is mainly constructed from CNC machine alloy in Mil-spec type III hard anodized finish, which helps strengthen the anti-wearing & anti-corrosion features of the host.

For use with the L2C:

LED head: M3M3s & K3
Tactical Bezel Ring: L2-B3L2-B4L2-B5 & L2-B6
Filter: L2-CF (RGBY colours), L2-CFR (red) & L2-IRF (infra-red)
Lantern Host and Wand Host, provide portable wide-angle illumination for outdoor camping and general use:LT-1 & L2-DW
Pocket / Belt Clip: L2-PC2
Tail-cap Switch (tactical, forward click, ready-to-stand-on-tail and pressure tape switches): L2-S6L2-S8L2-S10L2-S11L2-S12L2-S13PTS-2 & PTS-3
Extension Tube, for multiple battery configuration: L2-ECR (CR123A / 16340) & L2-E18 (18650)
Nylon Holster: FH-1FH-8 & FH-9
Lanyard Ring:L2-LR1
Flashlight Mount: M-001M-013M-014 & M-015
Tripod connector: SC-1
Battery Charger: SF-16 (16340), SF-18c (18650)
Batteries: CR123A (primary lithium battery), S16340-PS18650-P & S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)

  • Consists of a head assembly, battery tube and tail-cap (LED modules and batteries are not included), which are replaceable and compatible with Solarforce accessories designed for the L2 Series
  • The body is made of T6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy in Mil-spec type III hard-anodized (matt black) finish and carbon fibre
  • The head and tail-cap are installed with stainless steel bezels which make the product highly impact-resistant
  • Anti-rolling design
  • Compatible with various Solarforce LED or incandescent modules
  • Uses two CR123A or 16340, or one 18650 battery by default
  • Standard (forward) click switch which is able to withstand up to 3 amp
  • Water-proof design
  • Size (length x head diameter x battery tube diameter): 135 x 33 x 25.4mm
  • Weight: 103g (excluding LED modules and batteries)
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Starting with the bad:

* Although it incorporates carbon fibre, which is usually associated with low weight, the L2C is actually heavier than its aluminium counterparts (which you can see from the specs). If they used the material to its fullest potential, I would expect it to be at least as light as the P1.

* It barely qualifies for the "anti-rolling design" description. It's just about good enough to not roll off a very slightly sloping surface, as long as it's not nudged.

* It can't tail-stand.

And the good points:

* It's really well made. Perfect machining, and the carbon fibre is integrated seamlessly. Very smooth threads.

* It's covered in carbon fibre. It might be mechanically pointless, but it looks pretty.

* The stainless steel bezel protects it from damage (I know because I accidentally dropped mine on the floor).

If you want something that's so nice that you want it to get dark just so you have an excuse to use it, then this might be for you. If you only want a good torch, there are cheaper ones that work just as well.

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