Solarforce LC-UV UltraViolet 3.0-6.0V


Ultra-violet LED drop-in module. (For use with the solarforce flashlight host)

Solarforce Ultra-Violet Drop-In LED Module.

Wavelength: 380 - 450nm

3V - 6V

Fits the Solarforce L2, L2M, L2T, L2P and P1 hosts.

Module consists of an Infra Red LED and an aluminum reflector (smooth) with spring.

Outer diameter of reflector: 26.5mm

  • Module consists of an UV LED and an aluminum reflector (mirror-like reflective coating)
  • Wavelength: 380 - 450nm
  • Input voltage: 3 - 6V
  • Compatible with solarforce L2m, L2T, L2P, P1
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