Lansky Two Rod TurnBox Knife Sharpener

Code: 080999035009

Lansky TurnBox Knife Sharpener with 2 Ceramic Rods.

The Lansky TurnBox knife sharpener is a two-stage Crock Stick sharpener with two 5" medium grit, ceramic rods.

When using the TurnBox ensure it is positioned on a flat, stable surface at a comfortable working height. For the first stage of sharpening, simple choose the angle at which you wish to sharpen (either 20º or 25º) by placing the rods in the appropriate holes. Hold the base with one hand as far away from the rods as possible and the knife in your other hand. Place the heel of the blade an inch or more below the top of one of the rods, then holding the blade straight up and down draw it down the rod and towards you, as though you are slicing bread. Repeat this action on the other rod, alternating between the two until you have achieved the desired sharpness.

For the second stage of sharpening the knife, place the rods in the 20º holes and follow the above sharpening instructions, using only about 10-12 strokes on each rod, do not sharpen to a 'finished' edge. This will thin the blade slightly. Move the rods to the 25º holes and repeat the action to achieve a finished edge.

The hardwood base provides internal storage to keep the rods when not is use. Compact and lightweight, the TurnBox can be stored in drawers, tackle boxes and tool boxes.

  • Stone: Ceramic
  • Grit: Medium
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