Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Attachment

Code: 6942870304717

Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Attachment for Fenix HL55 and HL60R Models.

The Fenix ALG-03 headlamp attachment provides a secure way to attach the headlamp to your work helmet to enable handsfree lighting. The mount is compatible with the Fenix HL55 and HL60R models.

The ALG-03 attaches permanently to the helmet by use of adhesive tape, 3M and TESA supplied. The light itself, however, can be clipped in and out as required. The mount allows adjustment of the lighting angle and uses thickened blown-sponge to fit to more helmets, by conforming to their individual shape.

Clean and dry the desired fixing position on the helmet before applying. The choose which (or both) tape to use and remove one of the protective layers before attaching to the back of the ALG-03. Firmly attach the headlamp attachment to the helmet and keep inside for at least 72 hours to make sure it has stuck firmly. Once satisified that it is firmly stuck, slide the headlamp holder downwards onto the headlamp attachment.

Please note that the two adhesives have slightly different properties. The use of the TESA tape is recommended on ABS, PS, HiPS and GPPS helmets as the 3M adhesive can have a slightly corrosive effect in these cases.

  • Suitable for Fenix HL55 and HL60R headlamps (HL60R not currently available on fenixtorch.co.uk)
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